Friday, May 4, 2018

The Swing Bot - Access Denied - EP Minimix by Freshly Squeezed (Record Label)

Access Denied comes out on Freshly Squeezed as The Swing Bot’s first official release. This masked mystery DJ was previously heard on international compilations such as the Electro-Swing Elite and Electro Speakeasy with remixes spanning from early 20th century stars Édith Piaf or Glenn Miller all the way to contemporary influencers Parov Stelar and others. With a style that demonstrates his club-based musical heritage The Swing Bot combines the dark, relentless sounds of underground electronic music with a vintage jazz tradition, creating his own pulsating melange of French house and electro-swing. The Swing Bot, forever hidden behind his illuminated moustache mask, presents in Access Denied a different take on the shuffling rhythm of dancehall swing, using its ceaseless beat to transform a social dance into a trance-like state. The Swing Bot regularly takes his live show on the road. With a dazzling visual component, he travelled from Paris to Hamburg, Brussels, London and beyond, leaving behind a mesmerised audience and his particular French touch on the vintage remix scene. We are delighted to be able to finally present a snapshot of his work in the form of these three songs on Access Denied with at least one other future release currently planned. Access Denied is part of the revived Blue-Cover Series 2.0, with future releases planned from the likes of PiSk, K.D.S., CHARLIE BEALE, FAB SAMPERI and others so keep your eyes peeled!

Friday, April 20, 2018

Atom Smith - Flashin' Like Gatsby Minimix by Freshly Squeezed (Record Label)

Flashin' Like Gatsby is a new 4 track EP on Freshly Squeezed. It’s the debut solo release by ATOM SMITH – formerly of the Californian duo THE GENTLEMEN CALLERS OF L.A. It offers a distinctly west coast take on the largely European phenomena of Electro Swing which is only now beginning to get some traction in the US. As one half of THE GENTLEMEN CALLERS, ATOM developed and produced almost a dozen releases, including multiple projects for film, television, and performance, notably the world renowned MUTAYTOR, a 20 piece traveling tribal electro circus. ATOM has also made the ubiquitous international DJ appearances from Glastonbury to his home-turf Burning Man Festival to Coachella among many others. Flashin’ Like Gatsby mashes up hipster-hop, ghetto funk and electro swing in a distinctive and uniquely Californian (low-rider) way, featuring 2 tracks in collaboration with L.A. rapper BURKEY of VOKAB KOMPANY fame, sandwiched between a sample heavy (and guaranteed crowd-pleasing) version of the saucy 30’s Blues classic IF IT DON’T FIT (DON’T FORCE IT) by BARRELHOUSE ANNIE featuring LIMBOS AKIMBO, and a more traditional scat-jazz club banger in the EP’s closing number MISTER CAD featuring Andy McBain on clarinet. After the completion of what we thought was the 12th and final release in our Blue Cover Series culminating in the massive 27 track retrospective compilation THE COMPLETE BLUE COVER SERIES (2012 - 2017) - we’ve found Flashin’ Like Gatsby a completely irresistible and worthy addition to this set and so we’re back once again starting a second helping - BLUE COVER 2.0! Look out for forthcoming releases in this ‘just-won’t-quit’ series from likes of PiSk, JAWN, K.D.S, CHARLIE BEALE, FAB SAMPERI and many more… but until then, we are really excited to kick off the new series with this super strong opener…

Monday, April 9, 2018

Shaka FLASH CITY MiniMix by Freshly Squeezed (Record Label)

Brazilian DJ and producer collective SHAKA release their second EP ‘Flash City’ worldwide with UK based label Freshly Squeezed. Direct from the plush exotica of São Paulo on the Brazilian east coast comes this eclectic electronic offering that is hard to pigeon-hole but nevertheless reflects the colourful life beside the 21st century Atlantic Rainforest. Soulful vocals, tasty guitar licks and funky riffs share space with glitchy drum beats, fat basslines and warped synths - cut up, shuffled around and moulded back together into a brilliant and uniquely different but coherent sound. When we released their debut on Freshly Squeezed we said they were ‘ones-to-watch'. ‘Flash City’ doesn’t let us down and is, if anything, a more left-field and sonically more unique release than its predecessor. Artwork is once again by Lee Hodges, whose unique style of vividly bright colours and inspired illustrations are instantly recognisable and totally apt. SHAKA continue their gigging and party schedule in the South Americas.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Swingrowers OUTSIDEIN MiniMix by Freshly Squeezed (Record Label)

OUTSIDEIN is Swingrowers' third full-length studio album, showcasing the band's expert musicianship and most meticulous production to date. Mixing genres from jazz to electronica, from gypsy-swing to full-on rock'n'roll with a melodic pop sensibility, this tightly-knit Italian outfit oozes style and attitude in live shows and records alike. The release is being supported by a UK tour including Brighton, Bristol and other major cities. OUTSIDEIN is OUT NOW! Listen here:

Sunday, January 21, 2018


This is clip of a rework i done last year of an old commodores classic. Feel free to comment, i will be sharing this, watch this space for the link!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Electric Swing Circus - The Penniless Optimist (C@ In The H@ Nice Up Swing VIP) by C@ In The H@

My swing beat VIP of The Penniless Optimist by the awesome Free download. There are 2 versions, this one is the nicer version ;) Follow the faces here: