Monday, September 17, 2018

Atom Smith - Bright Like Hollywood (Mini-Mix) by Freshly Squeezed (Record Label)

BRIGHT LIKE HOLLYWOOD is the latest 4 track EP on FRESHLY SQUEEZED’s highly respected BLUE COVER SERIES. It’s the much anticipated second solo release from ATOM SMITH - one of Los Angeles’ hottest producers - who, we kid you not, works on the side remixing for DISNEY, and boasts a uniquely energetic West Coast sound, fusing Swing with Bass and Beats. FLASHIN’ LIKE GATSBY, the previous and debut solo release from ATOM, has averaged well over 40,000 monthly listeners on Spotify since it’s release in April. BRIGHT LIKE HOLLYWOOD looks set to better this early success nailing the format with another 2 song collaboration with L.A. Rapper BURKEY of VOKAB KOMPANY fame on the eponymous title track and the bassline heavy STICKUP KID. The EP also features NOT SORRY CHARLIE with special guest MISS EMMMA that pulls off an original and specially recorded BIG BAND orchestration with contemporary beats scored by Hollywood heavyweight ELLIOT DEUTSCH and to round it all off, a Glitch Hop cover of the FATS WALLER piano stomper ALL THAT MEAT AND NO POTATOES.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Friday, September 7, 2018

12 Stone Toddler - My Machine (Single Teaser) by Freshly Squeezed (Record Label)

Back in 2007, 12 Stone Toddler were indisputably one of the most exciting and original bands to have come out of an already vibrant and buzzing music scene in Brighton; music capital of the UK's South Coast. They were quickly identified as a group highly likely to break through by all those who heard them. Not only were they a superb live outfit of virtuoso musicians with a strong stage presence, but they brandished an eclectic (even fearlessly) broad and original musical style. Their impeccable songwriting and wonderful delivery set them further apart still. No two songs sounded the same. There was no formula. Yet everything they touched had the same hallmark: quirky, original, dark, accomplished, beautiful, unique, funny, philosophical. They were genuinely loved by local press and fans alike. Two superb albums - DOES IT SCARE YOU? (2007) and SCHEMING (2009) came out in relatively quick succession. They consolidated the band's cult following, achieved rapturous critical acclaim (see below) and amassed considerable support, but then, like something from one of their own songs, the band simply disappeared. Until now that is.... 10 years on, 12 Stone Toddler are back! Now signed to Freshly Squeezed and with a new line-up including the founder members and songwriters Ben Jones and Chris Otero on Keyboards, Bass and Vocals respectively, plus Helen Durden and Robin O’Keefe, they played selected shows at Glastonbury, Boomtown and Bestival 2017, with a not-so-secret sell out show in their hometown of Brighton “Utterly original” The Latest “Magnificently Louche” The Guardian “Brimming full of innovative ideas... comparisons with other artists merely highlight the shortcomings of stylistic labelling. This is organic music that refuses to bebound by genre.” Get Ready To Rock "Single-of-the-week” Artrocker “Strangely infectious: vaudeville razzmatazz laced with a subtle dirty rock buzz” “A melting pot of deep-fried circus rock cum funk metal. Inventive musicianship, dark twisted lyrics and sophisticated production” (Jeff Hemmings) Latest 7 “Delightfully twisted” XYZ

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Emma Morton & The Graces - Bitten By The Devil (Album Sampler) by Freshly Squeezed (Record Label)

Emma Morton was born in Glasgow but moved to Italy where she met and established The Graces in 2015. Bitten by the Devil consequently unites two different cultural traditions alongside the members’ passion for Jazz and Blues making this album a unique melting pot of experiences and sound. The songs of Emma Morton and the Graces speak of life and, without hesitation, also about the hidden and taboo themes of the human experience including sex, freedom, depression and violence. Emma says that the confessions found within this album were shared with her intention to “create beauty out of the ugly of life”. The initial impetus of the album was to compose songs that stayed faithful to acoustic tradition giving Bitten by The Devil a truly authentic and honest sound. There is no digital manipulation throughout the whole album because, as Emma puts it, “history teaches us that acoustic sound never tires. We can see this, for example, in how vinyl has had a huge come back in the recent years. I think that in the last decades we’ve been ruined slightly by just listening to MP3s”. Emma Morton and The Graces have a large following in Italy throughout which they tour all year round. In late 2018 the band signed with UK based Freshly Squeezed Music to start stepping into international territory.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Various Artists - "Blue Cover" Series 2.1 (EP Sampler) by Freshly Squeezed (Record Label)

‘Blue Cover’ Series 2.1 marks the return of the popular Blue Cover Series as it began in 2012. The original Blue Cover Series ended after 5 years and 12 EP’s with a comprehensive collection and there was no intention of continuing it, but a few recent Freshly Squeezed releases proved to be worth reviving the concept. The intention of the Blue Cover Series is mainly to showcase new signings and one-off singles by emerging and developing artists. Atom Smith, formerly of the Californian duo The Gentleman Callers of L.A., contributed two songs from his four-track Swing-Hop EP Flashin’ Like Gatsby, while the ever-enigmatic masked DJ The Swing Bot added his surprisingly dark and heavy Swing-House song Coquette. Pisk, better known as the mastermind producer behind the Italian Electro-Swing band Swingrowers, returns after 2017’s single Minnie the Moocher with his new track It Ain’t Right, influenced equal parts by Dancehall Swing and Latin Dance rhythms. JAWN is another returning artist, who waltzed into 2018 with a defiantly tempo-shifting seductive track Obsession (By My Side), featuring Alanna Lyes from label colleagues Grinny Grandad. ‘Blue Cover’ Series 2.1 is part of the revived Blue Cover Series, with future releases planned from the likes of, K.D.S., CHARLIE BEALE, FAB SAMPERI and others so keep your eyes peeled!

Monday, July 30, 2018

Pisk - It Ain't Right (Sampler) by Freshly Squeezed (Record Label)

Pisk, better known as the co-founder of Swingrowers and the producer behind their 2018 album Outsidein, is returning this summer with a hot new single! It Ain’t Right, along with its B-side Mambolero, are being released ahead of the new ‘Blue Cover’ Series 2.1, a continuation of the popular Blue Cover Series which began in 2012. The self-taught DJ, producer and sound engineer has produced three full albums so far, alongside multiple EP’s and singles. In the past, Pisk has enjoyed the opportunity to open for Parov Stelar, Caravan Palace, Chinese Man as well as going on tours of US, Canada and visiting many European clubs and UK festivals. Now, once more, Pisk brings his knowledge of the dance floor to the recorded medium. It Ain’t Right serves up a cocktail of swinging dance rhythms, wrapped neatly in 21st century electronic dance music production. The Stuff Smith original (which can be found on the electro swing compilation White Mink: Black Cotton) finds an effective counterpart to its unique use of violin in a striking piano riff, which is carried through the dance club on a shuffling drum beat and deep synth bass line. As can be expected from an experienced DJ, Mambolero follows the title track without skipping a beat and yet brings something new to the table. Introducing a seductive brass melody, the B-side is sure to be a hit with the fans at home as well as with the festival crowds.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Hot In The Streets Vol. 7 (DJ Set Recorded Live At The Mousetrap 7-14-18) by Kaleidoscope Jukebox

Tracklist: Ramin Djawadi - C.R.E.A.M VintageMan - Samurai Jim - Like a Dream HashFinger - Low Down Mounika - How Can I Nuttkase - Phat Shitt Shag - Mystic Bounce Es-K - Rest In Peace MEDL4 - The Builders ProleteR - Mantra Av.i - L'esbroufe Fulgeance & DJ Scientist - Moscow Nightlife Mononome - Been In Between Ours Samplus - Bootleg Frenic - Before You Leave